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5 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Now

A holistic approach to combating disease and stress involves changing your lifestyle to make it healthier. However, given the large number of distractions, multiple commitments, and constant rush, it is difficult for people to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health. However, it is not difficult if you make the effort to understand the need for the changes and implements them gradually and consciously.

While stress and the effects of a fast paced life cannot be avoided in its entirety, it is possible to eliminate at least some of the sources of stress from your life by taking baby steps. Revamping your entire lifestyle all at once will probably only add to your stress and put you in an overwhelming and frustrated position. Instead, you should consider making one change at a time. Continue with it for a month or more until it becomes a habit or a norm, before taking the next step.

Obtain Adequate Sleep

sleep-for-healthMost people with health problems do not attain an adequate amount of sleep or rest. Even if you juggle multiple responsibilities, take a clear look at all of your activities and eliminate at least one of them. This could be watching too much TV, browsing the internet, doing too many errands after work, or something similar. Use the additional time by going to bed earlier. Another idea is to delegate one task each day and focus on just that. The next day focus on another task, instead of trying to do a little bit of everything each day.

Increase Your Water Intake

waterAnother fairly simple lifestyle change to make is increasing your intake of water. Simply drink some water each time you answer your phone, take a break at work, or just drink a glass of water in the morning before your day starts.

Sneak in Exercise

execise-for-healthAny physical movement will help improve your health and fitness level. Even if you do not have the time to go for a walk or to the gym, you can increase your physical activity levels by taking the stairs at work up to your office, walking around when talking to your friend on the phone, or using the treadmill or an elliptical machine when watching the news, a show, or sports on TV.

Do something You Want To

hobby-crossword-puzzle-for-downtimeFor most of us, our days are filled with activities that we need to or must do – laundry, commuting, paying bills, grocery shopping, and so on. A poignant way to ensure mental well-being is to do something you want to or desire. This could be singing in the shower, calling up a friend, getting a pedicure, playing with the dog, reading a fantastic article, and so on.

De-stress before Bedtime

destressing-with-tea-in-bedAnother way to ensure that you sleep well and are energetic in the mornings is to de-stress before bedtime. There are many ways by which this can be accomplished. You could simply spend the last half hour of the day indulging in one of your favorite activities – listening to music, reading, playing with your children, scratching your dog or cats belly, and so forth.

If this is not possible, maintain a diary or journal where you list the happy events of the day. Review your day and record the bright spots – the compliment you received, the dish that turned out well, the warmth of the sun – whatever brought you joy. This will cheer you up and ensure that you sleep better.

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