Gabby Bernstein – Motivational Speaker for the Younger Generation

Gabby Bernstein – Motivational Speaker for the Younger Generation

gabbybernsteinGabrielle Bernstein is a successful motivational speaker, life coach, author, and blogger, among other things. I discovered her while browsing online last year and saw her being interviewed on someone else’s blog. She piqued my curiosity so I found her channel on YouTube and to my delight I found 100’s of videos, all inspirational.

What I love is that she’s so real and genuine, it shows in her words and her ability to captivate a crowd. Gabby studies a metaphysical text called A Course in Miracles, and refers to it often in her lecures.

Gabby founded HerFuture, a social networking and mentoring site for women.

She has 4 books out:

  • Add More ~ing To Your Life: A Hip Guide To Happiness
  • Medidating: Meditations for Fearless Romance
  • Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Discovering Self-Love and Miracles
  • May Cause Miracles: A 6-Week Kick-Start to Unlimited Happiness

Gabrielle’s younger years were like any typical NYC 20 something. Her goals were primarily making as much money as possible, meeting the right people, buying the best shoes, and getting the right boyfriend. Although she grew up with a Jewish/Buddhist mom who taught her yoga and how to meditate at a very young age, Gabby turned her back to that way of life and turned to outside sources for happiness. During her down years, she had become an addict and it was from hitting rock bottom she learned how to learn happiness from within.

For anyone reading this and looking for a fresh take on spirituality and metaphysics, you can find her on GabbyTV.

Below is one of Gabby’s speeches, which moves me and I come back often to listen to her talk.

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